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Brownie Coffee Bites

Brownie Coffee Bites

  • Vegan and natural
  • No added sugar, gluten free and dairy free
  • No artificial ingredients
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Your favorite brownie now with a touch of coffee, to make it even more irresistible. This snack is made with cacao, few ingredients, no preservatives, free of trans fats, dairy free, gluten free and with no added sugars or artificial sweeteners. You will try it and won´t believe it doesn´t have any kind of flour on it. Made with only high-quality natural ingredients: dates, almonds, peanuts, inulin, cacao and natural cappuccino flavor. It contains no large chunks of nuts or artificial stuff. Finally, a snack that is healthy, nutritious and tastes delicious. Now you can have a cappuccino one bite at the time.

Date, almond flour, cocoa powder, inulin, peanut, coffee natural flavor.
Keep in a cool and dry environment. Do not expose to the sun. May contain traces of: peanuts, tree nuts, sulphites, milk, gluten. Allergens: Peanuts, tree nuts.
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